Pecan Wood for Smoking

Pecan wood is one of the most popular smoking wood choices for barbecue professionals and hobbyists alike. Smoking meat with pecan wood produces a lighter, sweeter smoke flavor than most of the other common smoking woods. As such, it is a smoker-friendly wood that is great to use by itself, or by mixing with other woods.

Pecan Wood Characteristics

pecan wood is a sweet and spicy wood that burns fast and has a relatively low heat retention. Here is some more information about the smoking characteristics of pecan wood:

  • Heat Content: High
  • Sparks Produced: Few
  • Heavy Smoke: No
  • Coaling Quality: Good

What Meats Can I Smoke With Pecan Wood

Pecan wood is perfect for smoking beef, pork and poultry. Depending on the cut of meat, pecan wood can introduce the perfect amount of sweet smoke flavor.

Smoking Brisket with Pecan Wood

Pecan is a great choice for smoking briskets, however, because it produces a lighter smoke, you might want to consider blending your chips or chunks with post oak to achieve a thicker, smokier crust.

Smoking Poultry with Pecan Wood

Smoking chicken, turkey, or other poultry with pecan wood is also a great choice. If you want to introduce some additional sweetness, you blend the pecan with some apple wood or other fruity wood.

Smoking Pork with Pecan Wood

Pecan tree wood is also a great choice for smoking pork meat products, such as ribs or pork shoulder. As with the other meats, you can experiment with introducing other flavors with fruit woods such as apple or peach.

Where to Buy Pecan Wood for Smoking

Check out our smoking wood shop for great deals on pecan wood chunks and pecan wood chips. You may also be able to find some wood chips locally at hardware stores or similar stores.


Is it safe to smoke with pecan wood if I have a nut allergy?

Generally, it is safe to smoke with pecan wood if you have a nut allergy. It is also safe to consume BBQ that was smoked with nutty woods such as pecan.

A research study from Florida State University identified that nut allergens are due to specific nut proteins. The smoke, which is what actually comes in contact with the meat, does not contain any of these proteins. As such, none of the nut allergens are transferred to the meat during the smoking process.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors and this information should not be taken as medical device. We just like smoking meat and helping others smoke meat. Please consult with your doctor.

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